Adobe Spark

Spark your visuals in the classroom

Adobe Spark is an integrated suite of 3 media design applications Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video for mobile and web. As part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud all content created will automatically be saved on your own cloud space reserved by Spark. The free (but watermarked) Adobe Spark web app allows users to create, edit and share their visual story from any device including PCs. In the Spark Gallery users can find inspiring examples.

The user interface is simple and fast: users can search and import own images, pictures tagged with the Creative Commons licensed for reuse or commercial stock images (for pay). With Spark you basically can create 3 types of content: graphics, web pages or animated videos. You can start from a template or from scratch. The templates do effectively guide you in such a way that your end product will look pretty glossy. Pop-up prompts guide you through the features — for example, to apply a design filter, or to record your voice. You can upload photos from your own cloud storages (Dropbox, Google Photos) or from your local hard disk, add Creative Commons images. Videos from YouTube or Vimeo can be uploaded and embedded, (library or own) music and voice over can be added. When you finished your work, it can be shared via social media, email, or shareable link. Videos can be downloaded in mp4 format or embedded. On the Adobe web site, you can find good ideas from teachers on how they are Adobe Spark in the classroom. Definitely a good tool specially to help students create quality presentations and visual materials. If you need lots of customization and tweaking, this may not be the right tool, in that case you are better off with proper presentation and media production software.

Adobe Spark is available as a web application as well as on iOS and Android. Free. Paid subscription is required to remove watermark.