Interactive video lessons with EdPuzzle

If you are looking for a tool to make videos interactive, have a look at EdPuzzle. With the EdPuzzle editor within a few minutes you can select videos and edit them: cut the video shorter (or “crop” the video as it is called in EdPuzzle), add a voice over or audio notes (annotations) linked to certain parts of the video where you can pause the video for an introductory comment, to explain a concept in more detail etc. You can also embed a quiz with open-ended questions or multiple-choice questions. You can also leave text comments in the video. The interface is very simple. In the start page you can chose the video that you want to work on. With the free starter’s account, you can only work with a limited number of videos, these can be videos that are being made available by EdPuzzle, but you can also use videos from YouTube, Khan, Veritasium, Ted and a good number of other video sites. You can also upload your own video to work with and even student project videos.

The fact that you can organise your videos in folders is very handy. Videos can be made available to classes and you can see the progress that the students make on the quiz questions as well as the amount of time the student takes to complete the video. Very clever is also the option to block the fast-forward function for students. Videos can be easily embedded into learning management systems such as Moodle and made available for restricted time. EdPuzzle is an excellent flipped classroom tool for videos to be watched at home. Allowing students to create and using their own EdPuzzle videos creates very nice classroom activities. https://edpuzzle.com/home  (Basic version free)