Canterbury Christ Church University

Digital Learning Capture at CCCU

Canterbury Christ Church University adopts the term “Digital Learning Capture” (DLC) to refer to the recording of content both inside and outside the classroom in a somewhat broader concept than “lecture capture” as it includes both instructor- and student-created audio and video content for learning and teaching. In September 2017, CCCU undertook a year-long pilot of DLC in order to understand how this service would fit within the institution, in preparation for a fully implemented solution in the near future. In its report CCCU focuses on the implementation issues, such as pedagogic approaches, academic and student opinions, non-system-specific technical considerations, and university policy. Over 1600 students participated in the study. The overall conclusions are described in this brief report that highlights the feedback from both staff and students. Issues discussed are familiarity with the systems, the need for a clear policy and the rights issues. This study too seems t confirm that attendance reduction does not appear to be the critical issue that many believe it to be. As a result of the study, CCCU is now embarking on an institution-wide roll-out of Digital Learning Capture.